About Us

About Syphen Technologies

Syphen technologies is an Import and Marketing company based in Delhi (India) established since 2008.

Syphen technologies, though a young company, has inherent strength in networking with various institutions and medical practitioners in various parts of India.

Syphen Technologies is not just a company but a vision to evolve new ideas in distribution and marketing patterns in the healthcare sector. We have been providing our esteemed customers innovative quality healthcare solutions and paramount level of commitment in services and distribution of our products. Our main slogan has been “ACTIVE MARKETING” which for us is not just selling the healthcare products but creating a good relations and trust with our customers. We promote our product on the basis of technicalities and services.

Vision of the Company

At Syphen Technologies, we strive to be the leader in introducing reliable Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic products in Health Care Industry.


India is the second most populated country in the world. The economy is fast growing and the country is well poised to become a developed and prosperous. The change is already visible in the cities where the living standard of the people is experiencing a sea change. Good Health is becoming a priority and people are ready to spend a fortune to live more. Our goal is to provide the leadership that will transform tomorrow’s healthcare industry. Underpinned by consistent set of values, we want to be at the fore front of the changing healthcare industry.
Our new idea is to break barriers made by established companies. We are joining hands with reputed professionals and organizations to create awareness of our products; this also involves conducting conferences and CMES, Actively participation in Nation as well as Worldwide Conferences.